Pharmaceuticals: A Right or a Privilege?

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson  

In today’s climate of financial strain, the public often forgets the business that empties the pockets of Americans quicker than anything else. No, it is not the stock market. No, it is not student loans. No, it is not credit card bills. It is the pharmaceutical industry. Necessary medications for the sick are skyrocketing in price in order to fill the pockets of CEO’s and pharmacy representatives. While the rich are getting richer, the sick are getting sicker. thFPU58EEI

With the whirlwind of financial strains coming down upon the average American, it is nearly impossible to budget enough money to cover this debt. In a society that values the vision of health and prosperity, why would medication not be available at a costly rate? The morality of those involved in the pharmaceutical industry is not something valued like the almighty dollar. The idea that patients cannot receive their medication due to the inability to either pay the copay or pay completely out of pocket is not something at the forefront of the companies’ concerns. They are aware that the prices of such medications that are essential, such as anit-virals for HIV and Epipens for those with allergies, are something one will make sure to budget for, especially if their life is dependent upon it.  The money is nearly guaranteed. Mallory Cromer, a senior at Woodstock High School stated, “Of course my family is going to pay for my Epipen. How could they not? But it doesn’t make it any easier knowing how much it costs.” Families like Cromer’s wth2IW9QMC2ill go through whatever leaps and bounds necessary to provide the medication that their child’s life depends on, but it should not be that way.

Anyone with a single ounce of heart can see the problem with the system in place. Without a cap or regulation of pharmaceutical prices, the costs can increase by 500% just to raise the profit margin. When asked about the rising costs of medication, Josephine Shepard, a senior at Woodstock High School summarized the issue perfectly with the statement that, “Although I don’t have to take medication on a daily basis, I still believe is not a luxury, it is essential.”

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