Solorzano Stands Out Among Peers

Staff Writer: Taylor Elliott


Volleyball team captain, Kenzie Keeton, photo bombing our head shot of the stud of the month.

Lexi Solorzano’s love for softball started when she was 7 years old, “From the moment I picked up that big yellow ball, I never wanted to put it down,” Lexi told us. She’s been on the same fast-pitch travel for seven years, the Atlanta Vipers. The Atlanta Vipers are an 18U Gold team, coached by Steve Palazzo. As a team, they have placed 10th out of 120 teams in the 2015 National Tournament.

Taylor: How has playing with the same group of girls for that long further your teams success?

Lexi: We know each other well, as well as each other’s attitudes and emotions, so we know how to handle each other, and situations our team goes through. We all get along, and have formed a bond that will never be broken.

Lexi is the starting third basemen for our varsity softball team. She has been on varsity all four years of her high school career. She has accomplished many things in her high school career including being awarded, Coaches Award, Defensive Award and selected for All-Region. Lexi’s junior year, her team went to Sweet 16 and won the Region Championship.

T: How did it feel to win the Region Championship and take your team to the Sweet 16?

L: It felt amazing, the team worked so hard, putting in all those extra hours, with morning practice, staying late after school, all that hard work actually accomplished something. Missing all the football games, and doing stuff with my friends on the weekends was all worth it.


Solorzano preparing to field a bunt at third base.
Photo courtesy of: Woodstock High School

We asked her some questions about this year’s season.

T: How’s the team doing so far this year, and what are some things the team needs to work on?

L: We are doing okay, struggling to fill the holes of last year’s key players. We need to work on communication and staying positive. We tend to let our emotions get the best of us so we really need to make sure we stay positive.

T: What are your expectations for the season, do you think the Lady Wolverines will make it to state?

L: I really hope we get past sweet 16, I’d love to go to Columbus. If we play our game, I think we could go a long way.

T: How does it feel that this is your last year playing high school softball, and what are your plans for the future?

L: It’s bittersweet, it is kinda sad but I’m ready to move on to the next level and play in college at Kennesaw and graduate. I’m not sure about my major yet.

Coach Cowart had a few words to say about Lexi.

Cowart: One word to describe Lexi is intense. She puts in 110 percent all the time, on and off the field. She sets high standards for herself, and everyone else, sometimes she is too hard on herself too. She’s after it all the dang time. She’s better than any Christmas present I’ve ever gotten in my whole life.

T: How do you feel about the fan base, and your teammates this year?

L: I wish more people would come but I’m thinking the more we win the bigger the student section will become. As for my team mates, we are sisters. We might have our ups and downs but we will always be sisters. We push each other to be the best we can be.

Coach Powell often attends the softball games, and had a couple comments about Lexi.

Powell: Yes, I have been to a softball game here and there. I have watched her play third base. I have seen her scoop them up like cat poop and kitty litter. Negative Tory.

T: Do you have any advice for upcoming players?

L: Have fun, stick with it, my freshmen year was not the best for me. But I stuck with it and kept playing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. You form a bond with your team that can’t be broken and it’s just a great thing to be a part of.

Lexi Solorzano batting against Etowah High School on August 30, 2016. She hit a homerun in the at bat, scoring the first run of the game. The Lady Wolverines beat the Etowah Eagles 2-0. Photo Courtesy of: Danielle Rubin


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