Steps to Becoming a Tolerable Freshman

Staff Writer: Daniela Salame

Going into freshman year is so tough, trust me, I know. From getting lost in the hallways to powering through rude comments from older students, it’s not a walk in the park… it’s more like a walk through the 700 and 200 intersection in between periods. Being a freshman last year gave me some great pointers on how to guide the fresh meat through their first year in high school and a new perspective on what freshmen look like from an older, and seemingly more mature view.

Step 1: Please stay on the right side of the hallway unless you feel like getting yelled at by upperclassmen. Try and relate this to learning to drive, besides obvious differences, hallways are pretty similar to the rules of the road. Do NOT run into other students. Nothing is worse than being pushed around while you’re trying to get to class.

Step 2: Don’t speed down the halls. Trust me, unless you’re super late and your teacher has a terrible consequence for that, it’s not worth stressing yourself out, and might I add that looks will be thrown in your direction. That’s not the type of attention you want.

Step 3: Respect your elders, and by elders, I mean anyone older than a freshman. It might seem ridiculous now, but when you pass the ninth grade, you will feel the same way. Don’t look at it so much as a rude suggestion, more like a rite of passage. Everyone went through it, better to accept it than to be hated.

Step 4: During football games, never cross the first six rows on the student section. That is exclusive to seniors and maybe even some hand-picked juniors. Also, don’t be embarrassed to get hype, school spirit is necessary at these types of games.

Step 5: Walk faster than .2 miles an hour in the halls. Find a happy medium between this and step number 2 and stick with it. Added to this rule, if you’re walking with a group of friends, try not to chain up and take the space for the entire hallway.

Even though there are countless others I could name, try and follow these guidelines, and you might just get past this year. One last thing, stay on top of your studies! Eighth grade may have not counted for much, but your GPA depends on all four years of your high school career. Join as many clubs as you can, study hard, and do your homework! In the end, it will all be worth your efforts.

Photo Courtesy of: Maddie Killian and Emily Boswell

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