Suicide Squad: Brilliant or Bust?

Staff writers: Lani Yun and Saony Taveras

If you have had the misfortune of not catching the newest D.C. Comics major motion picture, “Suicide Squad”, then this article should help to fill you in with everything you need to know and more.

To start off with, for those who have not ever heard of the movie, a simple rundown would be that the feature is a superhero movie, without the heroes. Personally, I found the film to be astounding with extremely realistic effects and coverage of each character in the comic and while I am not a comic reader, I think that the storyline did a job well done with showing me who each villain was and their backstory. For example, Harley Quinn wasn’t always a “bad guy” and was formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a promising psychiatrist at an asylum for the mentally ill. That is, until she fell in love with the beloved arch nemesis of Batman, The Joker.

2017 Issue 1 - lani1
The original Harley Quinn from DC

Speaking of Harley Quinn and her insane partner, I do have to cover that there was some controversy on the appearance of the most recent version of the Joker and Jared Leto. For the film “Suicide Squad”, the Joker appeared as a well-respected gangster, and most of the fans took a liking to this new spin on an old villain, but others will beg to differ, not wanting the character to stray from its past interpretations.

Jared Leto on the other hand, was another big argument between those who had done their research on the movie. According to cast members and several other articles, it was said that Leto gave his friends on set live rats, dead pigs, boxes of bullets, and even went as far as never breaking character (even when cameras weren’t rolling) to get in touch with the sense of twisted humor that the Joker is said to have. Overall, Leto performed the role with excellence and really conveyed a sense of determined madness that the audience really attached themselves to.

But even though the movie seems to be a hit, there was another quarrel or two in the “Suicide Squad fandom”. Most fans said that the editing was sloppy and irrational, for example when the producers tried to convey the idea of schizophrenia in the Jokers mind during the movie, some critics stated that it could have done better. But with so much to cover and the release date being August 5th, we can’t really lay the blame on the producers for being rushed.

Another topic to be discussed would be the relationship we see between the Joker and Harley as the film takes place. In the past D.C. comics and cartoons, we see Harley Quinn and the Joker’s relationship as unstable and abusive with Harley as the victim, while in the movie, the partnership was conveyed as true love, or as close to love as one can get for two insane people.

Now, while it does seem like an improvement, some readers of the comics who attended the showing were quite displeased that the movie didn’t stick to the plot of the cartoon.  But most took pleasure in seeing the Joker and Harley actually get along, senior Ashley Humphries even went as far as saying “I want a relationship similar to theirs, I thought seeing them together was really cute.”

All in all, the film was a success and has (for the most part) pleased all its viewers with the outcome and left them yearning for more.


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