Changes to Senior Project? Yes, Please.

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

2017 Issue 1 - kenzie1

Screenshot of website where the information on Senior Project is found by students and edited by teachers.

Every year seniors in Cherokee county have to complete the senior project. Teachers believe that doing the senior project it will help students in their future career.

Most students dread the project, Matthew Rosenstein said, “It is a waste of time and will not help me in my future.” Some students enjoy the senior project, but they are also the ones that are trying to learn more about their future career.

This year, Mrs. Majors is in charge of the senior project, she has made a ton of changes to the project. She first took out the MGRP. She even changed all the due dates for the assignment deadlines. She also changed where the research paper will be. All the students will be using the One Note on Office 365. It is a new and organized way for both you and your teacher to see the project. Everything about the senior project is on the One Note.

Students are very happy about this because it is less stress and work for them. If you go around the school and ask what seniors are doing for their project, you will hear crazy cool ideas. Allison Steele is doing her senior project on learn how to Scuba dive, she had a hard time finding a project facilitator but she did finally!

Yes, senior project is hard and time consuming, but it is also very helpful to see what you want to do in life.


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