Friday Night Lights is Back

Section Editor: Amari McCain

2017 Issue 1 - amari1
Photo courtesy of Shannon Hickey

An iconic part of high school, Friday night lights is finally back. We can now support our Wolverines every week by going out and filling our student section with avid fans. After a mediocre end to last football season, we are looking forward to a much better outcome this time around.

This football season, head coach Brent Budde is all about the well-being of the team. When asked about his goals and expectations this season, he said that he wants the team to reach his full potential and see what comes from there. He did not predict a record, but he expects them to go farther than they did last season. We are all very excited to fill that student section and cheer on our Wolverines. In their first scrimmage, they routed River Ridge, 56-7, in a showing of excellence. Unfortunately, we lost our first regular season game to West Forsyth, just falling short of a comeback, 24-21.

When asked what was different about this team, Coach Budde said that they are “more determined and have more chemistry than last year’s group.” He also said many leaders were stepping up, such as senior quarterback Liam Byrne and junior wide receiver/defensive back Louis Hall. Plus, we have only lost six total starters from last year, so we have a relatively similar group.

The highly anticipated Woodstock-Etowah rivalry game this year is looking better than ever. We are hosting it, and we have had a couple of very competitive games the last few years. The rivalry is as heated as ever, and we are looking forward to having a full student section to support our Wolverines.

With our new Woodstock core and returning team, we are looking to make a run for the playoffs this year.

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