Logan Cox Rox Your Sox

Staff Writer: Lexi Solórzano


Photo courtesy of: “The Man Himself”…apparently



Logan Cox is the senior of the month. He is a three-year letterman for our football team and also our starting left-fielder for our baseball team. His passion is football. When asked what his expectations are for the team are he says, “to win state and to beat Etowah.”

The starting inside linebacker also says that his favorite memory of his high school career is beating Etowah in double overtime his sophomore year.

“Logan is a company man. A person who is all in to the program and does everything we ask of him. He produces on and off the field” says head coach Brent Budde. Coach Budde was also asked what is one word to describe Logan, and his response “hard-working.”

Logan, who sports the number 22, “rocks the socks” of the whole student section. He leads the wolverines on all fours. He’s always all in, head first. Rumor has it that, prior to every game, he prepares with exactly 84 gold fish with a room-temperature blue Gatorade while bumping to “Sexy Back” by the legend Justin Timberlake.

He wants to further his football career at the University of Kentucky. His dream is to play in the NFL, and live the lavish lifestyle.

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