Main Street Eats: Woodstock’s Restaurants Become Huge Attraction in Downtown Area

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Downtown Woodstock, voted one of the top 50th places to live in America. This lively town is full of fun events, hip- small businesses, and amazing restaurants. One of Downtown Woodstock’s most popular places to eat is Pure Taqueria. This restless joint is always packed, day or night with locals of all kinds, and the staff is composed of some of the nicest people you will ever meet! If you love delicious , authentic Mexican cuisine, live music, and a cool crowd, Pure Taqueria is the place for you!


Pure Taqueria, Woodstock, Georgia

Another popular hot spot Downtown is the Century House. Often times at this restaurant, you will hear a Sinatra- like singer as you make your way inside. Once in, you will hear the best 80s music ever!  You will quickly find that the crowd here is more mature than the other places in Woodstock. The staff there is very attentive, and their traditional food with a southern flare is to die for!  This dine-in delight is good for anyone who loves old music as well as delectable southern style food.


Century House, Woodstock Georgia

Next on our list is Firestone Pizzeria. This place is definitely not your typical pizza chain,  as it servers many different types of pies that you cannot get anywhere else!  It is a great place to take the family out for a meal,  or even have a party, because there is something in it for everyone! Every Friday and Saturday night,, they have local artists paying outside while you eat.  When you can’t decide where to eat, you really can’t go wrong with choosing Firestone Pizzeria as the restaurant of the night.


Firestone Pizzeria , Woodstock, Georgia

Last but certainly not least,  we have the hipster’s paradise, also known as Truck and Tap. This is a place that tends to draw in the younger, millennial crowds. They life hand-crafted and micro-brewed beers, with a flavor to sit even the pickiest of critics.  There will definitely be no shortage of beards and flannels when you walk in. Outback, you will find a different food truck every night of the week which serve a plethora of unique cuisine.  Sit inside or on the patio if the weather permits! So,  if you are wondering where to take the group out for a night on the town,  don’t hesitate to stop by Truck and Tap, if 21 or older of course!

rruck tao

Truck and Tap, Woodstock, Georgia

As you can see, the Downtown area of Woodstock Georgia had numerous tasteful eateries that you, your family,  and your friends can go to have a good time! Stop by anytime and feel at home in these friendly establishments that make it on so enjoyable to be in!


Main Street mural, Woodstock Georgia

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