Senior Night

Section Editor: Ashley Humphries

What is Senior Night? Well, I will preach it to you. Senior Night allows seniors attending Woodstock High to be noticed and appreciated for all their hard work and dedication to graduate. Seniors are ready to get out of high school and move up in the real world, or at least, I know I am, but not looking forward to having to “adult”.

Senior Night is also a night for all the seniors to thank their parents and teachers present for helping and guiding them to success. We wouldn’t be where we are now, without our parents and teachers by our sides.

This night is dedicated to the seniors of Woodstock because we have started from the bottom and now we’re at the top! Senior Night is a night were all the lower classes realize they can make it to our spot as seniors!

They realize, yes it is a lot of work to graduate but they will graduate and make it to the top, just like us Senior Wolverines did!

Senior Night is also a night where not only the seniors are recognized, but so are the senior players on the Woodstock Wolverine football team.

2017 Issue 1 - ashley1

Peyton Joiner and her best friends take on Senior Night together!
Picture courtesy of: Peyton Joiner’s mother

Woodstock senior cheerleader Peyton Joiner states, “Four years of cheering on varsity competition and football sidelines with my best friends has made my high school so amazing.” Peyton enjoys every second cheering and pumping up the crowd with her friends by her side!

2017 Issue 1 - ashley2

Ethan Chamberlin and his parents at Senior Night smiling big.
Picture courtesy of: Julia Black

Senior football player Ethan Chamberlin says, “Playing on the field and hearing the crowd scream is the life of the game.”

Jordie St. Pierre states “I think senior night is a way to honor the seniors since it’s our last year and to honor all we’ve done in the program.”

They are all very accurate!

More pictures from senior night. All courtesy of Julia Black.

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