The Newest Form of Domestic Terrorism that Hides Under The Guise of Equality

Staff Writer: John Gardner

If you have been keeping up with recent events you will see that there is a new popular trend that will seem disturbing to say the least to most audiences. There is a thought that has only manifested recently due to the media’s lack of responsibility, it is the idea that the police are maliciously targeting innocent young black men with no cause. This idea has spawned a movement where its participants often interfere with many peoples daily lives by blocking streets, marching on college campuses and disrupting meetings filled with dissenting opinions, forming race riots, destroying property, and shouting slogans such as “What do we want? Death to cops, When do we want it? Now!.”

You might’ve seen similar incidents about fifty years ago during the civil rights era, but now it seems the sides have switched and the targets for this groups are now on the opposite side. You might be thinking this sounds similar to the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), hunting down members the opposite race, creating riots, running people out of town solely on the color of their skin. Most will be familiar with this group. The group mentioned above is known as BLM or Black Lives Matter.

jxjx(Black Lives Matter logo)

It is a sad day to see that those who call themselves progressive are turning regressive with out knowing it. This group claims to be in favor of rights for those who have them taken away in the past but what they are demanding is to jeopardize the rights of others. Some even wish to get rid the police force, the very thing that keeps this country from falling into an Anarchist society. Jessica Disu, an advocate for Black Lives Matter, said “Here are the solutions. We need to abolish the police. Period.” How will this contribute to solving the problems in communities suffering from these riots. Because of the fear created some members of these comunities are requesting now that they have safe spaces reserved for people of color only, no whites allowed.


(Colored waiting room sign from Jim Crowe era)

The very thing that the civil rights groups from the past were fighting against is exactly what Black Lives Matter is in favor of today.

As riots are now forming in the name of Black Lives Matter and businesses are being destroyed and burned to the ground it is getting harder and harder to think how far we will have stepped back this time next year.


  1. Doris McBride says:

    Before I get to the bulk of what I have to say, i just want to comment: On serious articles such as this, you guys should really supply sources

  2. Doris McBride says:

    It’s 1 A.M and I don’t have time to write another long winded speech so I’ll just supply some articles that the author should really take a look at: (excuse the language)
    I particularly like the last one

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