Can Tyga Really Afford to Buy Kylie Jenner a New Car?

Staff Writer: Maddie Caracalas

On August 10, social media star and makeup icon Kylie Jenner recently turned 19 and made millions of followers jealous when she showed off her new Mercedes-Benz Maybach on social media, courtesy of her boyfriend, Tyga. Jenner took to Snapchat that Saturday to show off her new ride. Jenner’s boyfriend, 26, also posted to his Snapchat a video of him singing Happy Birthday while he reveals his gift to her.

Above are pictures of Jenner’s new car.

Obviously, Kylie Jenner has to be the luckiest girl ever. Last year for her 18th birthday, Tyga bought her a $320,000 Ferrari and a Mercedes G-Wagon, but it was learned later on that he had purchased the Ferrari under Jenner’s name. No one really knows if he paid for it at all. Is the rapper really able to afford all of these expensive gifts?

The G-Wagon supposedly belonged to Tyga’s ex-wife, Blac Chyna. This led many to believe that he had re-gifted it to Kylie, but the rapper claims that he didn’t give it to her, and that Jenner was just driving the car.

2017 Issue 1 - maddie3
Above is a picture of the couple from earlier this year.

According to TMZ, the artist was at a Calabasas Bentley dealership on Tuesday with Jenner when his Ferrari was repossessed. Apparently Tyga had missed several of the car’s lease payments, resulting in the lessor giving someone a spare key and sending them off to pick up the vehicle while the couple shopped. Despite this, the couple had gotten a ride back from one of Tyga’s friends who picked them up.

The G-Wagon that Jenner had “been driving” had also almost been repossessed earlier this year after, no surprise, the rapper didn’t make payments on it. Tyga had also been recently been sued by his landlord before getting the Ferrari repossessed. He was almost arrested earlier this month when he failed to show up to court with his former landlord for failing to pay rent for months and causing damage to the property. Despite this issue, Tyga and Kylie Jenner continue to live a lavish lifestyle.

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