The Den

Most people know the school store called “The Den”, however most people don’t know why the school has it. The school as a variety of clubs to join, or fundraisers to participate in.

Deca club uses “The Den” as a year round fundraiser. “The Den is what’s known as a school-based enterprise. It’s run by the third-year marketing students.

A majority of the Deca officials are marketing students as well. Deca has used “The Den” as a fundraiser for 18 years.

Before “The Den” got it’s name, it was the balloon closet because all they sold were balloons. Now they sell t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. You can get Woodstock themed clothing to support the wolverines.

Deca club uses the money from “The Den” for traveling expenses.  Mrs. Cathy Roberts tells us they use the money raised “to defray student costs associated with travel to competitions.” They use funds to pay for chapter projects and activities. Deca Angels plant flowers at Woodstock Nursing and Rehab center. Right now Deca has a fundraiser to help pay for students’ membership fees.

Deca doesn’t have any sponsors but has 10 professional members.


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