Let’s Get Wild with Marching Band

Staff writer: Hannah Suh

When telling a story, an author uses words that paint a picture for the reader. A musician can tell the same story, but through notes and rhythms. The Woodstock High School marching band and color guard shared the story of a boy who went on a trip to an island overseas that is full of “wild things”. The wild things represent greed, temper, ignorance, and other personality traits.

The band starts with an opener called “Wild Rumpus” which is about Max leaving home due to his temper. The bold, strong piece is followed up by a piece called “Children will listen” from “Into the woods”. This piece is based off of the time in which Max learns to listen to others and understand that he cannot make everyone happy. The performance ended with a closer called “Ride” which mashed up the three different pieces to represent the time Max takes on his ride home to reflect on the lessons he learned from the monsters.

All pieces were written by an amazing composer, Michael P. Terry. The performance took many audience members by surprise due to the synchronization and flow of notes. In an interview with one of the band’s bass clarinet, Caitlin Callahan describes her experience in this musical performance.

Q: What is it like to be involved with the school musically?

A: I feel inspired by letting others have the opportunity to listen to music that they wouldn’t be able to on a daily basis.

Q: What are band practices like?

A: First we go to the band room for 45 minutes to get everything ready and to eat. Then we go to March outside for 5 minutes to go down to the parking lot, at the beat of the bass drum, to march laps around the the parking lot. All instruments except for percussion march. We march according to the tempo and the drill sheets. We get 5-10 minutes for water break every hour. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, practice lasts from 4-7. Some Saturdays, the band has bandcamp that lasts from 10-12 hours. We perform every Friday.

Q: Would you like shortened practices, or do you think that you need the amount of practice that you receive?

A: We definitely need the the muscle memory in order to memorize the material. All of the teachers are amazing at their job, and the upperclassmen help us a lot. The whole band helps each other out and create a family atmosphere. We want to go over the top to be the best we can be.


Color guard


Marching Band

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