Local Artist: MAJ

Section Editor: Makayla Powell

All across the nation there are small bands with big dreams, and our own local band MAJ is no different. MAJ is a group of 4 musically gifted guys by the names of Matt Bashaw(lead guitarist), Matt Mattson (drummer), Adam Litke(bassist) and Jake Davidson(lead singer), all from the Woodstock area that decided they wanted to live out some of their dreams and create a band.

They play alternative music with mostly original songs and covers of some of their favorites, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime.

When asked about their seemingly strange name, MAJ, they explained that it is an acronym for all their names, M for both of the Matts, A for Adam, and J for Jake.
They only formed around June of this year, but have already played a few house and restaurant gigs such as Madlife Stage and Studios, and even larger venues like The High Museum, The Masquerade, and the Mammal Gallery.

These are pretty impressive prospects for a band that just started up just recently, but Mattson says they are not getting their hopes too fast.

When asked about their plans for the future Mattson responded, “Basically right now we are only looking to create an EP, play some nice gigs, nothing too crazy. We all just enjoy music and want to keep it fun and simple.”

They have gained quick support from all their friends and are expecting a good turnout for their next shows. They most recently played at Madlife Stage and Studios on August 28 for Singer/Songwriter nigh and had tons of friends and family come out to watch.
The show also featured Peachy Pyron, another up and coming artist who is good friends with MAJ.

Friend and fan April Schlinkert gushed about her pride in her friends’ band, “They’ve been working really hard so it’s just nice to be able to see them getting good gigs and enjoying themselves up there. They all really love music and deserve to do well in what they are pursuing.”

They have not announced any more upcoming show dates but their twitter is always keeping fans up to date @MAJ1BAND so follow them if you want to go out and support some of Woodstock’s local artists.imageimageimage

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