You Beta Believe It!


Staff Writer: Lola Canales

Woodstock High School is one of those amazing places that has a little bit of everything to offer. From sports, to fundraisers, to dances. But I want to focus in on one particular club, Beta Club.

Beta has been around since the 1998 sophomore class and being in the club is a huge honor and privilege. You’re chosen based on your GPA, which can fall no lower than 90. This club also heavily involves you in your community, eight service hours are required in order to practice leadership skills and help their community. To name a few of the events Beta participates in; Papa’s Pantry, Books for Africa, and Northside hospital Easter egg hunt. Although Beta does not partake in any national events.

Each year there are about 80 to 100 kids enrolled in the club, sophomore and up, freshman cannot join. The club meets once each month. The president of Beta Club is Nicholas Franco Rolland, a senior, and the Vice President of the club is Brianna Divasto, a junior. The sponsors are Loretta Cameron and Kate McIntyre.

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