“Cheer” for Your School

Woodstock High School not only has football games, or softball games or volleyball games but most of the student body doesn’t realize our schools competitive cheer teams. Most everyone who attends varsity or, junior varsity football games realize our school’s sidelines cheerleaders. Those aren’t the only cheerleaders we have.  We have varsity and junior varsity competition teams. They travel all over Georgia to compete!

However, they host their own competition at Woodstock

High School. It’s called “Trick or Treat Invitational.” It is on

Saturday, October 29 and every school is invited. Any school that signs up and pays the fee, $170, can compete. Like most GHSA styled competitions, Woodstock uses volunteers and the Woodstock Middle School and High School cheerleaders to help work the event.

A common complaint in high school cheer is biased judges. Woodstock High School hires certified judges so the competition is unbiased. Since the school hires judges, our cheerleaders are able to compete. This is good practice for these girls because it helps them to get used to competing because the competition is in their own gym!

Junior Samantha Roe-Deters informs me that “…every year the competition gets more exciting and I can’t wait to compete with these amazing athletes in our own gym.” So we wish you ladies good-luck this season!




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