Fall Fun

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

For all high school students, schedules are the glue to sanity… or sometimes insanity. After school schedules, sport schedule, class schedule, all of these help us organize our days. In those calendars, extracurricular activities are always woven in somehow. Whether it be soccer practice or Student government, there is a reason why we decided on that hobby.

After asking my peers about their classes and after school activities, I found that not even half of students are involved in what they do because they enjoy it. The main priority for most high schoolers are what is going to go on their college applications. Although that should be a concern, filling your day with things you don’t enjoy is not doing much in your favor.

Haley Datlof, a sophomore, explained how she chose to take business and technology so she would be able to have a three year pathway on her transcript instead of taking AP Psychology like she wanted to. Also, many students feel that they would take some classes that are not offered.

For example, I wrote down some highly suggested classes and asked around to see how many students would take them. With a total of twenty people, thirteen would take dance class, nineteen would take drivers education, twelve would take fashion design, and sixteen would take calligraphy.

When I asked students who were taking a class they viewed as enjoyable and a first choice, they all agreed it made the school day more bearable, and that it was nice to have a break and do something they looked forward to doing.


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