Food for Fall

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

Fall is finally here! The season for cozy sweaters, football games, PSL’s, and most importantly, the time to indulge everything pumpkin, caramel, and all the pie we desire! Let’s admit it though, everything tastes better when it’s homemade, just how you want it. I took the liberty of scavenging through the internet to find the best fall recipes out there. To prove they won’t come out of the oven looking like a Pinterest fail, I made them myself and went around Woodstock High School giving out sample to find the fan favorite.

Every fall, it’s almost sinful not to eat pumpkin pie at least once. Once I found a recipe appropriately named “The BEST Pumpkin Pie Filling”. The recipe was simple enough and most of the ingredients were things we would have in our kitchen, therefore very cheap to make. The clear instructions made it ten times easier than it already was, and I found it to taste delicious and the texture was perfect and exactly what a pie should be like. Tenth grader Matthew Sanchez explained that “The pie was the goat of all foods.” For the recipe, go to

White chocolate pretzel bark drizzled with caramel and creamy milk chocolate. Need I say more? This desert melts in your mouth and leaves a crunch of the salty pretzel behind. My personal favorite took no more than ten minutes to prepare and after it set in the fridge, it was waiting for me just a few hours later. This recipe is extremely simple and can be made from fall to winter! For the recipe, go to

Last, certainly not least, mini pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin muffins are delicious already, and when they become bite sized, they taste even better and there’s less shame in eating more than one. Trust me, with these, it’s not possible to stop at just one. Like junior Austin Fuller put it, “It just tastes like fall.” The mix of the cinnamon with pumpkin swirls together to create the perfect fall flavor. Although buying the pre-made box muffin mix saves you time, you will never regret baking these delightful and adorable snack anyone will love. For the recipe, go to


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