Struggling to Survive: The Mass Famine Sweeping Across Nigeria

Staff Writer: Heather Abler


     Masses of children are dying in Nigeria due to starvation and disease. Tragically, a quarter of the children able to make it to emergency feeding centers are passing away. Some of the children are too malnourished even to cry. This famine and starvation is a result of the Islamic terrorist group, “Boko Haram,” whose main goal is to try and overthrow the government and make Africa an Islamic state. The group has been making Nigerian people suffer since 2002, and now they are taking the biggest hit yet.

pic-1-heather Doctors Feeding a Malnourished Child (

     A huge part of the malnourishment in 250,000 Nigerian kids comes from Boko Haram destroying farmland. About one million refuges crowd around Maiduguri, a city in north east Nigeria, to receive fresh fruits and vegetables. The food is supposed to last for a week, but runs out in 1 or 2 days. Unfortunately, most citizens cannot afford these necessities and are getting deathly more skinny day by day.

     Doctors Without Borders, a group that runs the emergency feeding centers, reported that an estimated one million helpless children and adults are trapped and dying in areas too dangerous to access because of the large amount of extremists present there. Attempts have been made to try and rescue some of these people, but the majority of them have been put on hold on account of extremist attacks. Because of the inability to access these disease ridden areas, famine is spreading like wildfire.


 pic-2-heatherThe Leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau (

     The most difficult challenge for Nigerians now is being able to find food. They must remain optimistic for the future and keep their heads held up high during this period of suffering.

 pic-3-heatherA Child Struggling to Stay Alive at an Emergency Feeding Center (

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