The Clash of Political Power

Section Writer: Dakota Williams

The presidential debate of 2016, which involved Donald John Trump, and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, brought about many important topics about how or what they will do in their term of presidency. The first major point that trump made in this debate was about how he would lower taxes, while he also states that Hillary will raise them. An example of this is from this, “I’m going to cut taxes big league and you’re going to raise taxes big league, end of story.” This statement alone got trump many votes and also a good amount of praise.    

pic-1-dakota (Hillary and Trump arguing) (Source:

On the flip side of  the coin, Hillary counters this argument by stating that Trump doesn’t pay taxes, to begin with, and to make it worse, Trump, in response to Hillary’s statement, says “That makes me smart”. Then he proclaims that he didn’t imply that he doesn’t pay taxes.

Both Hillary and Trump make remarkable snaps at each other during the debate. For example, Trump says “I will release my tax returns against my lawyer’s wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted” Not only does this statement gain him lots of social media coverage, it shows the ace that he had been hiding up his sleeve for most of the debate. 

  pic-2-dakota(Donald Trump in his “Victory pose”) (Source:

To fire shots back, Hillary states “A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes.” In saying this, Hillary has sort of struck at the reliability of trumps intentions. This quote also fed the media’s hunger for news, almost as much as Trumps quote. 

pic-3-dakota(Hillary’s “Victory pose”) (Source: )

In summary, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made very important points about each other. We can only hope to hear what they will say in the next debate.  

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