The Corrupt One Percent

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

Ever since the laissez-faire system of financial planning was implanted in the framework of America, the ultimate power of governance was transferred from the people, to the corporations and one percent.

A specter is haunting America, however, unlike Europe the systematic oppressive ideals are represented by crony-capitalism. Power follows wealth, a saying that is emphatically and unfortunately vibrant throughout the nation.

The average CEO pay is 380 times that of the average American. It is more than evident that there is an unequal distribution of wealth within the land of the free. Can one ever truly be free while working sixty hours a week and yet live in poverty?

Hillary is one of the main proponents of one of the horrific policy decisions that has led to the uptick in capitalist ventures in America. The moment Glass Steagall was repealed; the one percent was released with no oversight. The American people’s money was no longer safe.


Hillary has a set precedent for herself, one of corporate interest and narcissism. (Photo courtesy of John Gardner)

The pay of corporate leaders and lobbyists continues to increase, yet our government concedes and gives them less taxes to pay. George W. Bush slashed taxes across the board for high income earners, distributing the consequence amongst the commonality.

One of the most efficient forms of keeping the American dream alive is the estate tax. A tax paid that stands to prohibit economic dynasties and allow social mobility. How is capitalism an American ideal if one cannot fail? Six of the ten wealthiest people in America inherited their financial success.

These prominent fortunes establish America as a nation of aristocratic rule, the very antitheses of America’s founding. The rich are permitted the luxury of indolence when tasked with providing for themselves. They pay out meager earnings, while living the life of a sloth.

Working is now for the poor.

The value of the minimum wage has not only stagnated, but dwindled as time progressed. Americans are unprecedented in their work ethic and produce more now than ever before in our history! So why has our pay decreased?

Why must we slave over our work only to pamper the children of the wealthy? Why must our children starve while the rich are sending their children to private schools, only to abuse their privilege? Why must the government work to decrease their taxes and burden the deficit to the poor?

Only Bernie Sanders proposed any reasonable solutions to the crisis described. While others such as Trump may have pointed to foreign adversaries such as China to blame, the enemy is right here. They are the one percent.


Bernie Sanders has been established as one of the most revolutionary political figures of the emerging generations. He has inspired political action in the old and young alike. (Photo Courtesy of John Gardner)

In the fifties and sixties America experienced a record high number of regulations and taxes, plus there wasn’t a single recession and the economy worked for the worker. The living standard was, as well as the minimum wage and civil liberties, unprecedented.

The contrast was the robber baron era.

Robber barons were vicious and callous when treating their workers. They manipulated the economy and the stock market. They forced children to work so their parents could simply meet live to the next month.

Trump embodies the modern robber baron. He has continually outsourced American Jobs and blatantly used bribery and corruption to gain support from politicians and government officials.


Trump’s intentions have been clearly designated as selfish and in the interests of the wealthy. (Photo courtesy of John Gardner)

To secure a more perfect union is no longer a valid excuse to provide the rich with the tools required to subjugate the lower classes of America. We must break up the monopoly the corporations have on our country.

If the rich have the right to go on national television and complain about how the minimal federal regulations cripple them, then Americans have the right to speak out against the injustice of their vain greed! When they speak, they are coddled. When we speak we are cast out from society and spoken of as anti-American!

Americans work for others; we strive for collaborative efforts. Us quiet few who protest how we can, are the most American of all.

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