Woodstock Prepares To Open New Amphitheater This Fall

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Big things are happening in the historic downtown area of Woodstock Georgia. After several years of the idea being talked over, Woodstock is finally getting its very own amphitheater, which only makes sense since the town is known for its many festivals as well as talented locals. I mean, there is a band or solo artist playing downtown almost every weekend, whether it’s at Pure, FIrestone Pizza, or the many events our town holds.


Construction of amphitheater. Photo credits: me.

Construction for this new attraction started last September, and was originally planned to open June of 2016. Unfortunately, the project was not done by then, so the opening was then pushed back to this September. As the time rolled around and the project was still not yet finished, the opening was once again pushed back and now the amphitheater is set to open on November 12th.


Downtown Woodstock Park. Photo credits: me.

On the day of the opening, there will be a concert from one of Woodstock’s finest Mark Wills and the Thomas Fountain band. The concert will celebrate not only the grand opening of the huge attractions, but also Veteran’s day.


Downtown Woodstock Park. Photo Credits: me

The new amphitheater will include many new things, such as multiple grass terraces, public restrooms open to all, and a large main lawn that will accommodate over 7,500 concert goers. Financially speaking, the attraction costs roughly around 3.2 million to build, but will bring in tons of money from people coming from all over Georgia. This will also create new jobs for anyone who is willing to work in such a cool place, as well as provide entertainment not only for the locals, but for anyone looking for a good time in an exciting town like Woodstock Georgia!


Amphitheater, Woodstock Georgia. Photo Credits: me


  1. Heather Johnson says:

    Great article Hannah Johnson!!

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