How to survive Mondays

Hannah Suh

Mondays are the worst out of the days of the week. School starts back on Mondays, which means waking up early, getting homework, turning in homework that you stayed up late doing, and being tired. It seems like nothing can make Mondays appear worst, but there are so many things that can make them better.

Everyone knows and regrets the fact that they were staying up until two in the morning doing homework. As you all should know, we have a school coffee and frozen treats shop in the media center. It is ran by amazing people who make delicious treats. Waking up to coffee from the school store could make your Monday go from terrible to slightly terrible.

Mondays consist of teachers that give out packets of homework. How could we make that better? In all honesty, there is nothing that can make homework better. The only thing that could is if you get it over with right when you get home.

Try to use Monday to plan out the week. Write down test dates, turn in dates, and even fun events to look forward to on a calendar. This will keep you informed and motivated to get through the week.

Mondays can’t get worse, but they can get better. The way that you use the time you have is what determines how you feel. Mondays start off the week and determine how the week will go by, so try everything you can to make it the best.

Photography by: Emily Hailstone

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