Softball Heating Up, Nix to BSC and Ladies Head to Region

Lead Story: The Woodstock softball team is rolling after getting off to a sluggish start. Led by team captain Lexi Solorzano, they’ve improved their record to 15-8, and they have become a true threat in the district. Coach Dempsey said they’ve bounced back from their slow start by “playing more as a team” and going “back to the basics to see our mistakes.” This has led to them winning 14 out of their last 20 games. These Lady Wolverines are ranked number three in the district, behind only Lassiter and Etowah. Their standings will most likely change now that they have beaten Etowah in a shootout win, 10-9. This team is a much different team than last year. When asked about what makes this team special, Coach Dempsey stated, “they play more together and cohesive as a unit”. These ladies are very special in many other ways, though. A fun fact: before every game, their pre game meal is Chick-Fil-A and grapes. When asked about this, team captain Lexi Solorzano simply laughed, “It’s true”. They also do anywhere from 3 to 6 community service hours each, so they’re all about giving back to the Woodstock community. This very unique group of girls is looking towards a bright future, as they rank number 17 out of 49 AA schools. They are looking to keep this hot streak heading into the postseason, led by great plays like Brianna Roper and Lexi Solorzano.

In Case You Missed It: Our Lady Wolverines handed the Etowah Eagles a loss on September 27th, in a showcasing of pure dominance. This was one of their last games before their region tourney from October 3-6. They also lost in a thriller to Lassiter, who is a top three ranked team in the district. Be there to support our Lady Wolverines!

Wolverine Of The Month: Our Wolverine of the month this month is Jordi Nix. She is a senior, who plays varsity volleyball as a setter. Last year, our only other commit was Jane Townsend, who committed to Coastal Georgia. jor

Jordi , next to her parents.

Quotable: Coach Kortney Dempsey said, “…this is a special group of girls and we play more as a team and a cohesive unit. We typically have a pregame meal, usually Chick Fil-A and grapes and I usually give the girls a speech before every game to pump them up. I usually don’t say much after a loss since we can’t dwell on one loss since there’s many games in the season, however I do point out some things we did wrong so we could learn from our mistakes and move on. We recently took a team bonding trip to Savannah to get to know each other better off the field and it really helped improve our team chemistry. This is a special group of girls and I love how far we’ve come as a unit.”

Off The Field: Every girl on the softball team is required to do 3 to 6 hours of community service, so they impact people on and off the field. Whether this be at an animal shelter feeding the pets, or at an elementary school, these girls find a way to give back to the Woodstock community. They put in a total of more than 15 hours of community service.

By The Numbers: Softball captain Lexi Solorzano has hit seven home runs this season. She is leading the team and her power hitting has led Woodstock to a winning record.

Upcoming Events: Lady Wolverines begin cross country this month, so we have many meets to look forward to. October 3-6, there is a volleyball tournament, go support our Lady Wolverines.




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