Red Card Deemed to the Referees

Staff writer: Hannah Suh

Red cards are usually deemed by the referee to a player when an unfair act is made. This time the red card goes to the referees at the Friday night game on September 17th.The Woodstock high school marching band and the opposite team’s marching band were scheduled to play the halftime show during the Friday night football game. As a polite gesture, the Woodstock high school marching band allowed the other band to go first, thinking that their performance would be eight minutes long.
The other team’s performance lasted a little longer than expected, but that did not bother the Woodstock marching band. The Woodstock band went on the field and began to play the piece that they practiced for months. With only the last part to play left, the referees started to call off the performance and ask the band to leave the field. They stated that the football game must start at that time.
The student section from both teams started to boo and tears came streaming down from the eyes of the marching band. Most of the members thought that the students were booing at them and felt humiliated. The student section filled their doubts with love and encouragement and reassured them that they were booing the referees for their unfair act.
Some of the band members remember this as a humiliating moment, but most of them remember this moment as the best moment ever. They felt so amazing, knowing that the students were standing up for their school band. Some members of the band used to feel overlooked and unappreciated, but now they know differently. As a school, it is amazing to see all the students stand up for each other, no matter how different they are.

Photography by: Ella Elbeck

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