Advice from Kylee

Staff Writer: Kylee Jones

Well there is one thing you must know, and that is how I’ve felt for a really long time now. I am SHY! It’s like I can’t have a normal conversation or get close to someone. I feel like a loner, and the friends I do have, it’s always me trying to do something with them, but never the other way around! So I want to make new friends, some of my friends aren’t really the best thing for me. So when I try to talk to other girls, it’s like I’m stuck in some phase, where I want to talk but I don’t know what to say, so when I do, it’s already  or when I want to say something, I back out, and then there are people I talk with but can never get close with, especially with new people, I want them to know that I want to have a friendship with them, but it always comes off as “I’m the quiet girl who doesn’t want to talk.” It’s as if I have difficulty with expressing my feelings. Please Help!

Tons of people are shy and feel awkward making new friends. One thing you could try is to join a club or volunteer somewhere you enjoy. That way, you can meet people who have similar interests to you.  It takes time to develop real friendships, so be patient as you talk with new kids. Make sure that you remember, people aren’t always judging you like you might think. You will make more friends if you stand tall and start conversations, but remember to pick up on social cues. If someone is stuttering, they might be nervous, and you should try backing off a bit. If they seem awkward when you bring something up, maybe they don’t like the subject or don’t know much about it. Remember to keep an eye out and keep the person that you’re talking to comfortable.
Hi! I am a high school student at WHS. I have a problem, so I want to get some advice from you. I am worried about sleeping too much in school. Since entering high school last year, I have been so tired every day that I sleep in all classes of the day, even during evening self-study time. Regardless of whether the class is boring or interesting, I fall asleep and I don’t even know when I fall asleep in class. But teachers who don’t know about my problem often misunderstand me because I sleep so much in their class. For example, last year, my math teacher became very angry at me. Thinking that my sleeping reflected a bad class attitude, she reduced my score to almost the lowest for my attitude in class, thinking I was ignoring her. I try hard to break my habit of sleeping in class. I sleep at midnight, and wake up at 6:30 am every day. And I sit in front of the classroom to avoid sleeping in class. But I still sleep in class EVERY DAY! My friends have counseled me about my worry several times, but I only get the same answers every time like ‘go to sleep early’, ‘sit in the front row’, etc. I know if I sleep in class, I won’t achieve my dream and improve my grades. But I can’t seem to avoid falling asleep. I await for your sincere advice. Please help me!
Although you may be trying to get more sleep, six and half hours may not be enough. Teens tend to need at least eight or nine hours of sleep to be well rested. Someone might fall asleep in class once in a while because the material is boring or the classroom is warm or she/he hasn’t slept enough the night before. But there also might be a physical or psychological reason for your constant sleepiness. Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible to check out the various possibilities. What you do next really depends on what the doctor finds, if anything. And if the problem is simply that you’re not getting enough sleep, arrange your schedule so that you go to sleep earlier than you do now. Think about activities you do, the time you return home, want to go to bed, and wake up, then work from there. Make sure you’re not doing anything like drinking coffee or watching a scary movie, since that will prevent you from getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

Even though I am only a sophomore in high school, I really want to get into a good college and get good grades. Part of that is taking AP classes, and this year I am taking my first: AP Chemistry. I’m the only sophomore in a class full of seniors, and most people in my grade will take regular Chemistry Honors or college prep. I don’t understand some of it, but can go in for extra help. Main problem is I know no one in my class and they all seem to dislike me because I am the youngest. My teacher also said that there will be a lot of group work, and I don’t have a group to work with! I’m an independent, somewhat shy person who doesn’t open up to new people easily. How do I make friends with seniors who seemingly hate me? I don’t want to sacrifice taking the AP class because of the high level of the class, but I’m so lonely in class and feel like I’m being ostracized by the seniors.

I want to say that I wouldn’t think that the seniors in your class hate you; more likely, it hardly matters to them whether or not you are in the class.

To answer your question: I think the best way to become friends with these seniors is the same way you would normally do that with others. Most seniors won’t bite—I promise! If all else fails, you can ask your teacher to help you. You would ask him/her to set you up in a group, and hopefully from there, you’ll get new friends.


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