Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

Every year, Seniors have to chose their fellow students for certain superlatives. Woodstock High School and other high schools around the county do this too. Most students love it because its something people can remember when they graduate.

This year, the teachers and administrators have picked different superlatives than they have in the past years. Most of them are the same, but certain ones are different. They’re two that some students think are not very important.

The first one is “Most likely to be a superhero.” Lexi Solorzano said, “This superlative can’t really describe a certain student, you could just chose a random person, because it doesn’t really matter.” Most students would agree with this too. The second one is “Most likely to be a supermodel.” They didn’t like this one because everyone will vote for most of the popular people and not the down to earth students.

Some people are also against them because they think they’re putting students against each other. Makayla Powell thinks “it is a popularity contest.” Most people would agree with this, too.

The students want to try and change the superlatives for next year seniors and the ones after that. The seniors think it will be more fair to the rest of the seniors in the class not just the popular ones.

All in all next year SGA and the students need to work together to make the Senior Superlatives. It will make everyone else more excited to vote and see which superlative they get instead of knowing already because its always the “popular” people who get them.



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