The Dynamic Duo

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano and Taylor Elliott






Marcus and Ricky as babies.
Photo credits to Cheryl Farmer.

Mark Farmer and Ricky Diep have been best friends for many years. They call themselves “the American spring rolls.” They help each other out with anything and everything. Ricky taught Mark how to use chopsticks. Mark taught Ricky how to drive a “big ol’ jacked up truck.” Mark says, “it wasn’t easy but he’s a quick learner”.

Mark is very helpful and would do anything for anyone. Mark helps out at our school, too. He is the manager for our very own Wolverine Den.

Lexi: What did it take to become the manager?

Mark: It took me three hard years of marketing class, and advanced marketing this year helped me acquire this position.

He gets to school an hour early setup and prepare the Den for the day. Not many students would have the drive or commitment to do this everyday. The Den isn’t the only thing Mark rocks either. He is also a soccer star.

L: How long have you played soccer, and do you take your drive and commitment to the field?

M: I have played soccer for 14 years, and I have played on the school’s varsity team for the past three years. My passion for soccer not only helps me get better, but makes me want to be the best. I always give it my best when I step onto that field, 110% all the time.

The head soccer coach Sam Hunt was asked what one word to descried Mark and he said “Marcus is industrious.” Industrious means diligent and hard-working. He plans to take his “industrious” attitude to Kennesaw State University and dorm with his “brother from another mother” Ricky Diep.

Taylor: Does having your friends and family’s support make you better? Do you have Mark help each other out when it comes to sports and other activities?

Ricky: I love when I can look at the bleachers and can see the people that I love the most cheering me on. It just gives me a spark inside and makes me believe I can do anything. Mark and I push each other to be the best we can be at anything. We make everything competition.


Ricky Diep’s basketball headshot from 6th grade. Photo creds to his Pham Diep.

Ricky is also a basketball fanatic. He plays for the ATP league. Not only is he the MVP every game but he is also the team captain. Ricky usually averages about 20-30 points per game. Mark is his number one fan. “Ricky’s got mad handles, he never disappoints, and he always makes the game fun to watch”, says Marcus Farmer. When asked “How did you learn to play basketball?” he says “I grew up in Buford so basketball was everywhere, that’s all the kids in my neighborhood did, and I just had a love and passion for hopping ever since.” Ricky is not only skilled n the court but he is skilled in the classroom. He plans to study pharmaceuticals at Kennesaw State to become a pharmacist.

Marcus and Ricky are what we call “the dynamic duo,” they are best friends that enjoy helping the community as a team. During the week they pick up trash on the sides of roads, and anywhere they need to. Occasionally they even volunteer at Must Ministries, a local organization that packs lunches for families that don’t have enough money to support themselves. “Sometimes this is the only meal these children will get in a day, and they look forward to seeing our van pull up, because they know it is time to eat.” -Must Ministry Volunteer

Taylor: Why do you guys take the time to volunteer, being that you are seniors in high school and already have a busy schedule?

Marcus: We volunteer because, it is the right thing to do, it makes you feel really good to be able to give back to the community. Picking up trash isn’t really time consuming, if you just put in a little bit of time in every day, it can make a huge difference.

Ricky: Usually if we help out at must ministries, it is on the weekend that way it doesn’t interfere with school, but seeing the smiles on the kids faces, and seeing how excited they get is priceless, it just makes you happy. Their smiles are contagious.



Ricky Diep and Marcus Farmer in the hallway of WHS.













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