American Imperialism: Bourgeoisie’s Hunger for Power


Pinochet, the ruthless Chilean dictator, was often accompanied by similar war criminals. pictured here, Pinochet is accompanied by Kissinger, America’s most esteemed murderer. (Photo Courtesy of John Gardner)

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

The United States has a long history of toppling governments both ruled by a dictatorial regime and democratically elected reigns. America positioned itself to be one of the biggest imperialists in the 20th century as well as one of the leading contenders in the present.

The biggest U.S imperialist is, without competition, Teddy Roosevelt. His policy of “Big Stick,” corrupted Latin America and changed the landscape of politics, but not for the better. Geopolitical borders as well as political aligning were all shifted when he took office.

The moment Teddy decided to cede lands from Colombia to obtain military prowess over the world was the moment U.S intentions transformed into a more sinister and vile of passions. Colombia’s power and borders were stolen by American Bureaucracy.

His dominance over the poor countries in foreign land forced the hand of the current administration in whatever political coup is taking place. There is no true estimation of how much the presence of American forces has shifted all prospects in the Middle East with our forging of Israel out of Palestinian lands.

The Palestinians are subjected to all forms of inhumane treatment in refugee camps that are prisons for all intents and purposes. Trapped behind walls of stone, and barriers of hatred, they are left to rot while the politicians delegate their issues to the less competent.

However, we are using a more deceitful form of subterfuge for the modern day. We use political influence as well as sheer military strength to bend the world to the will of America.

The other militaristic force which is so often wrongly revered in this country is Ronald Reagan. His economic failures are eclipsed by his restructuring of the world to fit his desire.
Operation Condor installed the most brutal and totalitarian of regimes in Latin America. He overthrew the democratically elected Communist governments in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, etc.

The most precise of examples is found in Chile. He assisted in the overthrow of Salvador Allende, A Marxist Communist who ruled over Chile in a the most humanitarian of ways. He was replaced by CIA backed Pinochet.

Pinochet’s rule exemplified the ineffective CIA’s flaws related to foreign affairs and hostile relations. (Photo Courtesy of Josh Gardner)kcf















Pinochet was fascist to the core, he despised Communism and pledged himself to the cause of oligarchic rule. He enforced his claim to power by eliminating all dissidents, even if that meant going against the command of his former CIA allies.

Pinochet’s rule exemplified the ineffective CIA’s flaws related to foreign affairs and hostile relations. (Photo Courtesy of Josh Gardner)

His economic advisors known as the Chicago Boys are renowned for their heinous and vicious acts towards mankind. They studied in America, after all.

Reagan also bolstered our enemies’ strength in Iran when he sold away weaponry in exchange for hostages. This is famously known as the Iran-Contra scandal, quite an underestimation of just how significant this event was on an international scale.


Ronald Reagan gifted this proud country an economic collapse, policies of corruption, and assisted in the development of fascist dictatorships. (Photo Courtesy of Josh Gardner)

This would have terminated Reagan’s presidency and could’ve led to his impeachment, but Oliver North was presented as a scape goat and satisfied the capitalist need for justification to keep their easily corruptible Reagan empowered.

America is prone towards the futile act of dispatching Communism wherever it is found. This insipid act is one of cowardice, an effort to silence the needs and rights of the average laborer. Freedom is merely privilege extended, unless enjoyed by one and all.

Perhaps if America respected our own founding document we would not ascertain so many enemies worldwide. The international community hails the United States as a land of domesticity and warlords, we seem content to keep true to this expectation.


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