Cagle’s Moo-ves On

Staff Writer: Makayla Powell

          Cagle’s Farm has been a household name all around the community, and now, after almost 20 years of providing fun educational tours along with fall festivities, (such as corn mazes, haunted houses, and bonfires) Cagle’s is relocating to an area in Ball Ground and will not be open this year. Families everywhere are blue about this year’s lack of respectable haunted houses and hayrides around town, but are trying to get by without the community’s favorite farm.



          The farm, which was located on 58 acres in Hickory Flats, was purchased by Holly Springs and will be turned into a park. The new farm will be relocating to 70 acres on Conns Creek, allowing more room for the Cagle family to expand. Neighbors of Cagle’s had begun to purchase land around the farm and put in neighborhoods and other developments, encroaching on the country and rustic feel, along with taking up much of the parking space. 08

          People all over the community are sad about Cagle’s hiatus while developing the new farm, but still understanding of the family’s need to move. Senior Maddie Olejnik said, “When I heard about Cagle’s not being open this year I was so disappointed because my family goes their every year. There aren’t many other places who have such a variety of activities in one place, so it’s hard to replace Cagle’s.” Although many are saddened, this change will be best for the farm and community as a whole as it will allow Cagle’s to expand their family business open their doors to new horizons.



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