Homecoming Shenanigans

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

Every year homecoming is not a very big deal to students. Usually seniors never go to homecoming unless they’re on the homecoming court or their friends are. The upperclassmen never want to go because of “all of the annoying freshman,” Ashlyn Richardson said. Also, homecoming is pretty expensive so people don’t want to pay for something that is not very fun for a high price. Some people love homecoming though. The idea of dressing up, and getting a date. More couples go to homecoming than anyone because they automatically have a date.

Girls are way more enthusiastic about the dance than the boys. Boys don’t really like dances because of the whole dressing up and dancing thing. Girls love it because they like to get pretty and go out.

Going to homecoming in groups is very stressful, that’s why lots of people don’t go. Getting people together that all want to do the same thing is hard to do nowadays because everyone has their own opinion about things. For example, Kids these days never agree on food because most of them want something different. Senior Matthew Rotenstein said, ” I hate trying to get my friends together and try to get them all to agree on food, driving arrangement, etc.” That is how most people feel about their friends and planning events.

This Year is a little different for Woodstock high school. Instead of doing a parade for all the Homecoming court, we are doing a carnival and anybody and everyone can make a booth or have a bounce house. This makes everything so much more interesting and fun.

Homecoming is an event that only some people like to attend. There are many things that go along with homecoming, not just the dance itself. The pictures, food and all the money you have to spend are all reasons people don’t go. I think more people should go because it makes memories in you high school career.



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