Is Banning Guns a Solution?

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

Gun violence occurs all over the world, but is there a solution? Gun violence has been bantered about for many decades, with each side claiming different versions of “If we just ban guns, it would fix all our problems.” This statement alone, if analyzed, can be proven wrong for reasons.


(No Gun Bans) (

One of the many prominent aspects of this claim, that is not taken into effect, is that its assuming that people would freely give away their 300$ to 900$ weapon (not including the money spent on the ammo, or the attachments on the rifle, the repairs, cleaning equipment.) and not expect anything in return. In a perfect world this would work, but this is not the reality we live in. In reality there would be heavy resistance to this act of banning guns, maybe even to go as far to say another civil war. Which is ironic because a civil war would only cause more gun homicide


(the second amendment) (source: the constitution)

Another issue, and maybe even the biggest of them all, is that this statement implies that gun homicide is one of the biggest, and most prominent cause of death in America, which is false. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) funded a study over the course of a year, in 2014, which has been backed by many professional homicide detectives, shows, with clear evidence, that people are more likely to die from a fatal car injury than any form of gun homicide. In this study, only 33,736 people were killed by firearms, while, somewhat higher, 33,804 people died from fatal injuries from a car. This alone is assuming that all 33,736 of those people were murdered with firearms, which is false. In fact, only 10,945 of these victims were murdered, and the rest committed suicide.

In fact, to be precise, you have a higher chance to be poisoned rather than to die from a firearm. Not only this, but to add fire to the flame, you also have more of a chance to be unintentionally poisoned than to be killed from a firearm, with 38,851 people dying from unintentional poisoning.  With precise planning, 51,966 people died from being poisoned, while only 33,736.


(A graph showing death in America) (source/

Given this data, gun violence is not a big contender compared to other causes of death, but if we were to solve the issue of gun violencewe should simply regulate the supply of them, and stop people who shouldn’t be getting them, from getting them.





  1. Jared Smith says:

    i agree, gun violence can’t be solved from banning guns. good point about how we should simply regulate them.

  2. I agree, banning guns is not a simple solution, or a solution at all. regulating them should be our main priority,

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