Is Xanax the New Drug of Choice Among Teens?

Editor: Ashlyn Richardson


With the coming of the new age has come greater access to the drugs once only available through medical professionals. The most ubiquitous of those is the drug, Alprazolam, more commonly known as Xanax, an antianxiety medication that is the most commonly prescribed drug in America.

Quickly though, recreational use of the drug has outnumbered the individuals who are actually diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Those who are using it recreationally are generally teens and those in their early twenties. The quick-acting sedative has been coined by millennials nicknames such as “xannies,” “pink ladies,” and “blue devils” among many others. Allen Domenico, a teacher at Woodstock High School said in regards to this issue, “Its honestly unbelievable. I’ve never seen such an epidemic of prescription drugs in high schools.”th1znblfcd

But why has this pill become so common among teens and young adults? Why is it so attractive? Among the many reasons such as convenience and low price, apparently the high is worth the risk. Nash Reed, a senior at Woodstock High School stated, “Its everywhere. Anyone can get it at any time.” Its easy access is not something to bat and eyelash at. The dangerous drug causes extreme, addictive highs. Those who do not have anxiety and take Xanax essentially experience a high similar to that of alcohol. Their inhibitions go down, their body becomes relaxed, reaction time slows, and memory loss is common. th7pym4yq9

Some say it a “super-drug,” combining the feeling of being high off of marijuana and being intoxicated from alcohol. What is the most frightening aspect of Xanax use being that one can never know exactly how much they are taking, there is no gauge for the amount.

Suppliers will often take the amount they are supplied with, crush and mix the Xanax with other drugs, press the pill again, and sell it to individuals under the guise that it is actually the drug they are purchasing. This often leads to serious health problems such as memory loss, hallucinations, and inability to use muscles to speak/walk correctly.

With the drug becoming so common, rehabilitation facilities have been opening facilities specifically for those addicted the Xanax, and schools have begun anti-prescription drug courses. Additionally, police forces have been cracking down on the use by categorizing each individual pill as its own felony charge. Unfortunately though, the drug is already circulated through most high schools and colleges, thus its extinction won’t come until the doctor’s stop prescribing it.

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