Spooky Sweets!

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

October is the month of scaring. Of course it is! It’s the month of Halloween! I scared a few people on my own… with how tasty my themed sweets were. I, again, searched the internet for deliciously spooky treats to get everyone on the spirit of this unofficial holiday. I’ve gotten three recipies and sampled them out around Woodstock. As much as everyone enjoyed all of them, the cookies seemed to come out on top.  http://pin.it/34xuU0a

First, I made brownies, my personal favorite. This recipe was simple, but I had to be careful not to over cook them. Out of 20, seven people preferred these over the cookies or donuts. I drew a spider web to make them fit into the theme.

Cookies are my go to snack and desert, and I prefer sugar cookies over any other type. I like them plain, as well as my other friends, but to creep them up, I added orange and black sprinkles.these got eight votes. http://pin.it/jj8l83v

Lastly, I made donut balls… in the shape of pumpkins. I covered blueberry balls with orange frosting and added a pretzel as the stem. These were not a favorite with only five votes. http://pin.it/obqubEB



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