The Handy Man

By: Lexi Solorzano

Joshua Burshnick is the perfect example of a “handy man”. He is a young man who knows the ins and outs of cars. He has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to vehicles and it all started when his uncle asked for his help to build a car. For example, he has done numerous mechanical works such as: engine repair, stereo systems, interior, and electrical work.  Joshua was chosen as the senior of the month because of his variety of talents with cars. Coach Mike Powell says “He is a very mature, hardworking man, who strives for greatness. I know Josh will be successful in his field of mechanics.” Josh drives 1986 Chevrolet Silverado that he is remodeling. He plans to remodel the interior; as well as, installing his own stereo system. The work he is doing with his stereo system is for his senior project. His natural grasp of automotive knowledge will be apparent when he presents his final product. After graduation, Josh plans to attend WyoTech, in Pennsylvania, to become a diesel mechanic. WyoTech is a nine-month program for those who desire is to become an automotive specialist. He recently had an interview with the Southern representative for the program and has already got accepted and has enrolled. Josh was asked what is one interesting thing you’ll learn while at WyoTech? he replied “I will be able to take a whole truck apart and put it back together.” Josh gets his work through friends. His best friend, Marcus Farmer, has gotten many things done to his GMC Sierra. Josh has installed Marcus’ five light bars, speakers and brakes. When Marcus was asked how he feels about Josh’s work ethic? he says “Josh is a very determined, won’t stop until it’s done right kind of guy”. Josh’s work doesn’t come with a heavy price. If you need help on your car or truck, Josh is your guy.


Josh’s in the process of installing his sound system (Photo from Josh)



Installing a new light bar with a switch. (Photo from Josh)


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