“This Is Our Towne!”

Editor: Ashley Humphries

They practiced. They were prepared. They walked through the school of Woodstock High with their heads high because they all knew they were ready. That night, they walked out onto the Woodstock Wolverines football field and took our town back! Everything they prepared for was worth it, all of the 6am practices and runs, we got our town back.

The crowd was wild with how spectacular the football players played that night against Etowah!

The senior section showed so much support, there were seniors in all red, with painted red arms, legs, faces, and even stomachs, red bandanas, red tutus, red shorts, red everything! All red!

The seniors even had a DJ, Matt Mattson. Music was blaring, seniors were jumping around and waving the red pom-poms all night long. The senior section was, as most people like to call it, ‘lit’.

The seniors would scream and shout “Take ‘em to the Woodshed!” and even “I believe that we will win!” while jumping up and down. Many seniors even lost their voices after the game.

“I remember waking up the next morning and I couldn’t talk, my voice was so gone, but it was so worth it!” Valerie G. said.


Photo Credit: Julia Black

Woodstock spirit is off the charts!

The senior section was so energetic, even Principal Smith was ‘hype’. Seniors had a cut-out of Mr. Smith’s head and was waving them in the air.


Photo Credit: Julia Black

Flag runners from the game got there exercise.



After the Etowah vs. Woodstock game, I had time to get with a few students from the senior section and ask questions about that night.

Ashley: “How does it feel for this to be the last high school rivalry game you get to go to?”

Katherine Meuse: “It feels weird and upsetting, because we won’t be in the student section for the biggest game anymore.”

Ashley: “What was the most annoying thing about the game but also most exciting?”

Jaelyn Jordan: “I would say the amount of people at the game, I was getting pushed off the seats while we were all jumping around when the guys got touchdowns, and if you left your spot, you wouldn’t be getting it back.”

Ashley: “How does it feel for this year to be your last year to cheer on the team and energize the student section?”

Ally Boyd: “I am probably going to cry my eyes out because I loving cheering with the girls and hyping the crowd up.”

Ashley: “What feelings did you feel while in the stands of the Woodstock vs Etowah game?”

Austin Croft: “There was never a moment that the amount of excitement left my body, I was just to hyped up to let anyone bring my mood down. It was crazy.”

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