Creativity Along the Walls

Staff writer: Hannah Suh

Section editor: Daniela Salame

Everyone has probably already seen the amazing art hung up along the halls. These pieces of art are made by so many talented students who have very talented teachers. Art class seems like just a class where you draw sketches and sunsets, but once you open the door to the art room, you can see that it is so much more.

Photography by: Ella Elbeck

Artwork in the halls

Along the walls of the entrance to the art room are amazing murals. It was breathtaking just to walk in and see all of the colorful art. There was The Persistence of Memory by Dali next to The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh along the left side of the wall. Along the right side of the wall they had The Scream by Edvard Munch and The Old Guitarist by Picasso. Even though these are common, well-known paintings, it was surprising and great to be able to see them in our school and to know that our school cares about art that much.

One of the band members, Caitlin Callahan, said, “Over the summer, band musicians had to practice in the art area. The art along the walls helped create the tone of the practices. It was very alive and pleasant to see. It showed how committed the students are to our art program.”


Photography by:Ella Elbeck

Murals in the Art room entrance

It was even more amazing to be able to walk into the art room and see all the students working on their projects. The students in the classroom that I walked into were making pottery. Each student was working with clay, but all using their own ideas to make different designs and objects. I can’t wait to see what they turn out to become!

Photography by:Ella Elbeck

Students working in the art room

It is so phenomenal to be able to see a class that encourages art so much. Students need this inspiration and support from the teachers of the class, and how the teachers instruct and have the class setup helps a lot. I am sure that many of the students are thankful for a class in which they get to let out all of their creativity into. Keep it up art students and teachers!

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