How to Keep Your Political Views to Yourself

Section editor: Hannah Suh

Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights that humans have. People can use that right to protest against wrong doings, make their own life decisions, and to stand up for others. There is not necessarily a limit on people’s freedom of speech, but I believe that people should just chill.

Politics are becoming a huge deal this year. America has basically split into two separate categories. There are those who support Trump and those who support Hillary. Social media chose these two candidates for us, and it has also given everyone a chance to share their political views.

Of course, sharing our views on how America should be made great again or on how we have to be stronger together is amazing. Kids finally being involved in politics and making their voices heard is the most progress we have made in 2016. As amazing as it is, it has also caused so much commotion.

All over instagram, twitter, and snapchat there are people stating their political views. This seems like a great way to be able to make your voice heard in politics, but it becomes a little much when you post about it every day and comment on everyone else’s post of their views. Sometimes keeping your opinions to yourself is just best.

A friend of mine posted a picture of her wearing a hillary badge. People either saw the post and didn’t do anything or liked the post. There were no comments until one person just had to leave a full on essay in the comments on how great trump is. This caused a lot of commotion between friends and even destroyed friendships.

Because of that, I have made some tips on how to keep your political views to yourself!

  1. Before you comment on someone’s post, ask yourself if that person really wants to open their phone to see what you have said.
  2. Before you wear a hillary or trump shirt, think about how many people at this school support the other candidate and or would be offended by it.
  3. Just realize that people don’t care.

One student, who cannot be named, commented how “I know that people are all entitled to their own opinion, but how they share their opinion is how they show what kind of person they are. Political views should be shared to people you are really close with, not all over social media. Bashing other candidates and people who support that candidate is really unnecessary because both candidates have cons that go along with their pros.”

Photography by: Maddie Killian

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