The Little Prince: A Play for the Young and Young at Heart

Staff Writers: Maddie Caracalas and Lani Yun

For Woodstock high’s drama club, “The Little Prince” production will not only be marked as the first performance of the school year but also an unforgettable one. Now, perhaps you didn’t make it to the play or you’re still a bit confused as to what exactly happened. Either way, we’re here to fill you in on all you missed.

From October 13th – 15th the cast put on an astounding performance for the students of Woodstock and plenty of other community members seeking a night of theatre. Starting at 7:30, the actors put in 2 hours of dedication to their roles and performed them with a sense of gracefulness that you could see from the back row. Whether they were a stage tech or leading role, each student put in 120% to whatever task they were assigned.


Final bow at “The Little Prince” showing

In my opinion, the play was wonderful, challenging its audience to open its mind to a new world of creativity while also capturing each viewer with a sense of nostalgia as the actors compared children to adults. Although there were a few questions we weren’t able to answer for ourselves considering that we were not a part of the cast. So we caught up with Ms. Robbins, the director of “The Little Prince” and new teacher to Woodstock high school, for more intel on what exactly the play meant not just to its viewers but to those behind the scenes as well.

Maddie: “What made you choose The Little Prince as the play to put on as your first production?”

Ms. Robbins: “Oh, wow, that’s a good question. Well, I wanted something that was family friendly of course, but also something that would appeal to our student body. I mean, we had all ages coming in, from 3 year olds to 93 year olds, and I got to see all these generations of family fall in love with the story, it was really cool.”

And fall in love they did, the play flowed together extremely well and really hit hard into the hearts of all its audience members, whether the feeling was sorrow or a sense of warmth. But we needed more, someone that was up on stage and felt every single emotion conveyed through the scenes. Therefore, Taylor Armstrong was our go-to girl.

Lani: “So what would you say your overall thoughts on the play were?”

Taylor: “Oh, I thought it was great, it was a really rewarding experience and my first lead role, but I really thought I fit into the part. I’ve played a lot of roles, I have participated in drama all throughout high school, but this one I just clicked with instantly and it was a really great feeling.”

But I really can’t disagree, Taylor fell into the part of the prince perfectly and her energy up on stage was great. Just seeing her in action reminded me of what children actually feel and understand as young people of the world, so I dug a little deeper.

Lani: “Alright, this is a tough one, but if you had to choose, what was your favorite scene that you got to be a part of?”

Taylor: “Honestly, my favorite scene was the argument scene between Justin (the actor who played the aviator) and I. There was just a lot of emotion there and it was really great because the show is really, really heavy and I think at that point we were both able to personify arguments between adults and children. Because, you know, children and adults feel differently and that can be super frustrating for both, so I thought it was really cool to be able to show that dynamic.”

To conclude, Woodstock High school’s drama cast really has something to be proud of and an everlasting memory of their first performance of the school year of 2016-2017.


The Aviator (Justin Theurer) absorbing the applause

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