Canada: Expanding Population by Drastic Numbers in the New Year

Staff Writer: Heather Abler



    The New Year is a time where people all around the world pledge to change something about themselves, as the “new year, new me” phrase implies. Canada is attributing to this statement by starting off the 2017 year importing 300,000 permanent immigrants into their country for the first time since 1913. One reason behind these numbers is to generate economic growth. Canada is a developed country, which results in them having an aging population. “Last year, Canadians older than 65 outnumbered those under 15 for the first time.” This poses an economic challenge, which is why a great deal of Canadians believe immigrants are necessary.  The CBC news network has reported that the majority of immigrants will be “skilled workers, business people, and caregivers.” Next year, the number of immigrants permitted in the economic category will rise to 172,500, compared to the 160,600 this year.


(Canadian Flag. Photo Credit: Emily Boswell)

Immigration minister John McCallum says, “I do believe it is true that more immigrants for Canada would be a good policy for demographic reasons.” The minister had disappointed some business leaders by his decision to only accept 300,000 and rejecting the recommended target number of 450,000. Christopher Reid, a software developer in Ontario, says, “If they want to prioritize innovation, the pace that they are going makes no sense to entrepreneurs.” However, McCallum stated that sometime in the future that number can be achieved, but not for 2017. heather-2

(Immigration minister, John McCallum. Picture Credit: Emily Boswell)

Local students at Woodstock High School had varying opinions on the topic. “I think that’s stupid because their population is gonna over flow and then they won’t have enough resources for their people and people will start dying,” states Chloe O’hara, a freshman.  Giovana Saintvil, a sophomore, said, “That’s pretty cool. I think that’s good because my mom’s an immigrant so I’m okay with immigrants coming into Canada.”

Canada has a population of 35 million, and immigrants account for 22% of them. In 2017, immigrants allowed in the economic category will be 57.5%, for family, 28%, refugees 13.3%, and for humanitarian reasons, 1.2%. The majority of the refugees will be Syrian. It is good to see Canada is staring off 2017 by opening their arms to ones in need, and looking for ways to expand their economy    . 

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