Historic Presidential Upset Shifts Future American Prospects

Section Editor: Malcolm Green

The divisive nature of politics has never been more apparent than when presented with the two most polarizing candidates in United States Presidential history. All previous civility that is normally found in the calm façade of politics was broken on November 8th when Donald Trump, despite losing the vote of the American people, was projected to become our president.

The voting rights of the American people as set forth in the Constitution were quite restrictive in terms of representation, contrary to common belief. The notion of popular sovereignty dictating the fate of millions of U.S citizens has never truly existed in this country all thanks to the overreaching power of the electoral college.

Trump did not win over the logic based minds of the American voter, instead, he cast aside the democratic principles which are universally found as acts for the betterment of the majority – the oppressed. Hillary was the people’s choice, there is no refuting that statement.


Trump’s campaign Headquarters on election night was live with excitement once the unexpected news that Trump was the predicted winner went public (Photo Courtesy of Emily Boswell)


Hillary won over two million more votes than Donald Trump and was obstructed only by the antiquated system that values five hundred and thirty-eight people over three hundred and fifty million.

Is this democracy, or is it a more conceded and subterfuge based oligarchy? Who are the constituents of Trump’s Administration, who are the first to be rescued when Trump’s ever imminent policy of austerity and pleasing corporate interests lead to a global economic collapse?

When I questioned Woodstock Students before the election to see if they believed that Trump could overcome the polls saying he would inevitably lose, I found a surprising lack of confidence in his supporters.

The overwhelming amount of criticism towards Trump’s campaign that I found was his rhetoric towards minorities, and this was from some of his most avid supporters. For example, when I questioned Michael Brown on if Trump could truly win the popular vote, he was skeptical.

“He won’t win, which is sad because I support him. He said some things that are not very popular. It doesn’t mean anything, but for some reason, people think they do.”

Michael was aware of the public opposition to Trump’s bitter vitriol of Mexicans, Muslims, gays, blacks, Communists, political dissension, the environment, sane foreign policy, marijuana, public health spending, women, Jews, basic common knowledge, education, equality, etc.

Perhaps this is why he has been following up his win with recruiting overt racists and sexists to some of the most powerful positions in the world.

Trump has already begun to fill out cabinet positions, and it is seemingly contradictory to the notion of ‘draining the swamp.’ Washington insiders litter the application list and never has there been a more ignorant group of experienced politicians.

Not only is the swamp as thriving of a venture as ever, it is now polluted with conglomerate interests, capitalist deceivers, and corrupt puppet heads bought out by their CEO masters.

Rudy Giuliani, a formerly publicly ousted figure of proletariat oppression, has now an intimate reminder of how bigotry and authoritarian oppressions are the ultimate demises of civilized debate and society. This man now has a chance to become the next secretary of state, a stepping stone for presidential candidates.


Giuliani has only been in the political realm for a short time, but has already become a proven anti-Semite and racist. (Photo Courtesy of Emily Boswell)


He is adored by only his Wall-Street bankers and monetary trustees. Those who were unlucky enough to live under his discriminatory rule can recall just how he severed the level of trust between the government and the people.

Jeff Sessions, a highly vocal aid to Trump’s campaign, has been chosen to be America’s attorney general. Sessions, who has been advising Trump for months, is the very epitome of what filth should be drained from the swamp.


Jeff Sessions has presented himself to be a true adversary of equality and justice for the Americans which he claims to represent. (Photo courtesy of Emily Boswell)


The swamp is a cesspool of lies and broken promises, a cornucopia of eloquently crafted words all with the intent of betraying the people. Trump lost but came as close as he did with the promise to put an end towards backdoor dealings and restore the faith the people should have in their government.

The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class.

Andres Rincon, a student who doubles as a politico aficionado, summarized Trump’s win as ‘heartbreaking,’ and categorized the election results as the following.

“There is a time in every American’s life when they begin to question their government’s authority and whether they can justify this abuse of powers with pleasing the public, a sort of opiate of masses situation. I think it’s fair to say that Trump’s presidency will that key point very soon.”


  1. Doris McBride says:

    Normally I would have more to say when it comes to politics, but the only thing I feel now when I look to the future is fear.

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