I’ll Do my Homework Tomorrow

Section editor: Hannah Suh

Every Sunday night after break, students face their biggest fear. They have to face the loads of homework in which they have held off until then. There are the math worksheets, 500 page books, science projects, and any other homework you can think of. As all of it piles on your desk, haunting you, you wish that you didn’t procrastinate.

Procrastination seems inevitable and bound to happen, but it can be avoided. There are many ways in which you can be organized and get work done. One of the ways could be to get a calendar. I know everyone has one on their phone, but no one ever checks those. Buying one or making one and placing it in a place that you can see everyday will help as a constant reminder to do your homework.

With the calendar, you can label days that you need to do a certain amount of work on. Dividing up the work will give you less work to do the last few days of break. If you are going to use this strategy, then you absolutely have to do the work on those days, or else you will keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” until tomorrow is Sunday night.

I asked some people if they believe that procrastination is inevitable or can be avoided and got a variety of answers.

“Procrastination can be avoided, but if you procrastinate too much, it’ll become a habit, so don’t procrastinate because it’s not a good habit to have.” -Itzel Franco

“Procrastination is a sign of severe laziness.” -Mackenzie Rich

“You can procrastinate, as long as you get the work done.” -Carter Reed

“Procrastination is avoidable, but the thing is, our human nature wants to be lazy and not do any work. We just have to power through the work, and then we feel better and more prepared for the next thing.” -Hannah Keel

“I have to admit that I have procrastinated over break. I was lulled in the thought of having no school and created a “plan” to complete my real work on a certain schedule. That never works. I say I will get all my work out of the way, during the beginning of break, but end up doing it the Sunday before we return. Ultimately, procrastination is caused by laziness. Sometimes procrastination can help you unwind, but in the end it just adds stress.”  -Ella Elbeck

Although it seems impossible, there can be many ways to power through your work. You have to have the right determination and motivation. I would figure that the huge stack of homework that haunts you every Sunday night would be a good motivator, but there can be others. If you end up procrastinating, then just pull an all-nighter and get that work done!


Load of Work for the Week


Breaks Over the Year

Photo Courtesy of: Ella Elbeck and Maddie Killian

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