Basketball Season Begun, Lacrosse and Soccer on Way, and the Next Chapter for a Few Wolverines

Staff Writer Corey Darko

Section Lead Amari McCain

Lead Story: Basketball season is among us, and it is off to a great start. Our Lady Wolverines have rolled to a few victories to start the season, and they are looking good. Our hope is to return to last year’s form, where we went to the Elite Eight in state playoffs and had an undefeated regular season. When we asked Senior Wolverine Devyn Lowe what she looks forward to and she responded with, “This is my last season here so I just want to make it a good one, hopefully we can make a run”. Devyn is one of multiple returning seniors, so we will surely have that playoff experience on our girls’ team. We also have some new faces on our junior varsity and varsity teams this year, so that should mix it up this year. We asked Coach Crowe what she liked so far throughout our first couple games, and she said, “Our girls are playing really good as a unit on offense, but we are getting beat in transition on defense and could touch up on some fundamentals but they look great so far, we’ll see as we get farther into the season.” We also asked about the chemistry on the team, and Coach Crowe said, “They are gelling pretty well and the chemistry only gets better as the season goes on, but I love this group of girls and they’re a good bunch.” We also went around Woodstock High School to ask some of the students here how they felt about basketball season starting, and we got various responses. When we asked Senior Michael Bosah how he felt about the season, he said, “I’m pretty excited, the girls usually go pretty far and their games are usually wild.” When we asked freshman Ella Elbeck how she felt, she said, “It’s gonna be pretty exciting, because the girls don’t really have a sport that gets as much attention as the boys do with football, except for their basketball team because they’re so good. I’m going to a lot of games this year.” It seems like so far, the Lady Wolverines have the support of Woodstock behind them, and look forward to a big season. The Path to State has begun, and the girls are off to a good start.


This year’s seniors and Coach Crowe on Media Day/ via flickr images 

ICYMI: In case you missed it, the girls’ basketball team beat GAC in an  amazing game for the Parkview Tourney.  They beat them 61-56, and showed flashes of a great team. They also showed us what’s to come for the season as they played as a great unit and showed what Woodstock basketball is all about. This win was a statement and it was an entertaining game to watch.

Wolverine(s) Of The Month: For this issue, we are going to have more than one Wolverine of the Week. We want to congratulate Brianna Roper, Alexa Solorzano, Devyn Lowe, Abigail Bolt, Jaclyn Czubak, and Nicole Frazer for signing to play sports on the college level. They have worked very hard for this, and all deserve it very much. On signing day on November 16th, they all decided where they would spend the next chapter of their lives.  Brianna signed to play softball with Georgia Tech, Alexa signed to play softball with Kennesaw State, Devyn signed to play basketball with South Alabama, Abigail signed to play golf for Appalachian State, Nicole signed to play lacrosse for Georgetown, and Jaclyn signed to swim with Georgia Southern. These girls are representing Woodstock on the next level for sports, and we are very proud of them here at Woodstock, so they all deserve Wolverine of the Month honors.


The seniors on Signing Day, excluding Brianna and Abigail/ via flickr

Upcoming: Lacrosse season is almost here, and the girls are preparing hard. They have conditioning after school for the upcoming season to get the girls in shape and ready for tryouts on January 23rd. The girls have been grinding hard, and the strenuous conditioning has already taken a toll on the girls. When we asked Ella Elbeck what conditioning was like, she simply responded, “I’m dying,” but then went on to say that she had a good time and that, “…it is helping me get used to what we are gonna have to do for the season and tryouts.” The girls lacrosse team didn’t have a great season last year, but we look forward to bigger and better things this year. We also have soccer coming up, and they have also started conditioning. I’ve asked around, and their conditioning has been described as “brutal,” and “comparable to Hell,” but they credit their stamina to their conditioning. Coach Freeman said, “We didn’t have a very good season last year, but if anything, they will for sure be conditioned.” We’re looking forward to these sports later this school year.

Quotable: This issue, we are quoting basketball head coach Julie Crowe. We asked her about the season so far, and she jokingly said, “If we lose more than two games I will make them run until they throw up.” As many of you know, the girls had a great season last year, finishing undefeated in the regular season and going on to state playoffs. Hopefully, we can repeat that effort, as I imagine the girls wouldn’t like to run until they throw up.

Off The Field: Off the court, the girls’ basketball team does mandatory community service to help around Woodstock’s community. Whether they volunteer at animal shelters, or do group clean up projects, they give back to the community.

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