Last Homecoming Senior Feels

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries

Homecoming is a night to cherish memories with all your beloved friends. It is also a night to laugh and have fun and dance all night long.

There are seniors at Woodstock High School who cherish the nights of laughter and excitement. Woodstock senior Ally Boyd says, “Loved homecoming! I love the fact that I could get all dressed up with my friends and be able to laugh all night long. It was too fun, defiantly a night I would love to go back to for my senior year.”

Katie McCombs was asked “What is homecoming to you and how do you feel about this homecoming being your last at Woodstock High School?”

She responds, “Homecoming is a series of nights throughout the high school year that can’t be forgotten. I won’t forget my experiences. Not being able to go to Woodstock’s homecomings anymore will just be an upgrade for when we all go to college and have dances and things along those lines. So, it’s an upgrade for us seniors.”

Being asked the same question, Valerie Gonzalez says “It’s a night to have fun with your friends, and I don’t know if I will miss it or not, I mean there are more things to do later in life like dressing up and going out that could be fun.” Some people like Valerie G. think it’s just a night to go out and have fun but not think much of it later on down the road of life.

Some students do not know what it is like to go to homecoming. They would rather go someplace else or were not allowed to go to the homecoming. Jaelyn Jordan states, “Well I wouldn’t know what it’s like to go to homecoming because either I didn’t want to go because of the friend group or my mom would say no. I would have gone this year since it’s my last year here, but senior project took over my time.” Shannon Hickey added “I didn’t go to homecoming but I would have gone if I could.”

There are seniors who think homecoming is just another night but just with something to do with a group of good friends. Parker Perry and Matt Mattson agreed that homecoming was just “alright.” They also agreed homecoming was not a big deal to them because they were still laughing with their friends in school and outside of school.

Rebecca P. and Levi Brock believes it is a waste of time and would not want to spend the money on homecoming outfits. Lena Alfano says, “I’ve never been to a homecoming in high school.”  katherine

Katherine Meuse and Josh Roberson looking good. Wink, Wink.

Photo Credit: Katherine’s mother


McKenzie and her crew taking on homecoming as a whole.

Photo Credit: McKenzie’s mother






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