Matt Takes His Talent To The Stage

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott

Matt Bashaw is the senior of the month. He is a crazy good musician with his own band. He plays four instruments including: guitar, piano, bass, and drums. For his band, MAJ, he specializes in guitar and keyboard.

We asked Matt some questions about his music career:

Lexi: What instruments do you play?

Matt: I play a quite a few instruments, to name a few I play guitar, bass, and the drums.

L: What is the name of your band, and what instruments do you specialize in for your band?

M: The band I play is called MAJ, in particular, I specialize in guitar and keyboard.

L: How did you learn to play guitar?

M: I started out by myself just watching videos and pretty much teaching myself, but after a year I realized that if I wanted to be any good than I needed to get

 lessons from someone who actually knew how to play.

Taylor: What sparked your interest in music, and learning how to play instruments?

M: I’ve always had a passion for music as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I always loved to sing and dance. I grew up around music, my mother is actually a good singer, and my dad even knows a little bit of guitar, so I guess I was just born with a love for music.

T: What made you and your friends want to start a band, and do you think the band will be a success in the future?

M: Well, Matt, Adam and I were already really good friends, and we all just had a common interest in music, we would always jam out and just play around with music whenever we hung out. So, one day Adam kind of said, “we should start a band,” joking around, but we all thought it would be a fun. As of right now, the band is just something we do for fun because we love it, but who knows maybe in a couple years we will make it big.

Matt is an intelligent young man who deserves to be recognized for is talents. He taught himself to play and continued to strive for greatness when he decided to take lessons. His band will hopefully continue to get known. Our senior of the month brings nothing but talent to the stage. Go see there next sow, to find out when it is check out their Facebook page , MAJ.

Picture 1:Matt and his band of 2 years.

Picture 2:Matt playing guitar at his show.

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