Senior Themes

Staff Writer: McKenzie Keeton

Ever since last year seniors started a new thing where each month on the 16th they would dress up or have “theme days”. Everyone loved the ideas, because it pointed out who was the seniors or “top dawgs” in the school. Each theme is directed to the time of the year. So, in may they would do a tourist theme and in December they would do a tacky sweater.

Well, this year we all loved the idea of this, so we decided to carry on the tradition. Haley O’toole said “Its great to have these themed days because we can have like a dress-up day at least once a month”  I think most seniors can agree that they like the idea of the theme days. But, they don’t like the themes itself, because they’re not original or “fun.” The first theme was all the senior wore there senior shirts to school and most people enjoyed that one, because it showed that we are seniors. The second theme was a neon out and the seniors didn’t like that because it was on the same day as the football game and that theme was also a neon out, so everyone in the school was wearing neon, so it wasn’t really a “senior day.”  The seniors at the beginning of the year tried to get the class president to change the themes, but it was too late to change them since they were already set.

The themes this first semester, most of the students didn’t like, but next semester they’re different and more of a fun outfit to put on. Most people think that the senior boys wouldn’t dress up, but surprisingly more guys dress up than girls. So far there has been four themes and everyone has participated in the themes.


This is Ryleigh Harris and Haley Schroeder dressed up on “Kindergarten Day”



Three seniors dressed up for Kindergarten day

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