The Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta: The Good, The Bad, And The Just Plain Criminal

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Built in 2013, The Outlets have had their fair share of financial benefit, economic growth, job growth, and yes, crime. The outlet mall is a place where many can come and go and spend as they please. There are the higher end shops such as Coach, Michael Kors, etc., as well as more mid- range to lower end stores. “The Outlet Shoppes are a good place to get rid of all your money fast!” Says Alice Balogh, local shopaholic.


Outlet mall, Woodstock Georgia. Photo credits: me

Although there are many more fantastic things that can be said about this establishment, like all other populated places, the outlets do also have their fair share of crime and thievery. One example is the incident that had taken place the night of October 11th, a man was held and robbed at gunpoint. The perpetrator brandished a semi- automatic and demanded that the victim handed over his necklace as well as his hat.

“It’s terrifying the thigs that go on where you frequently bring your family! But, we cannot live in fear.” Claims Tammy Freiberger, local shopper. Yet, this is not even the beginning of the crime that has gone on at the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta. In April the True Religion Jeans store was robbed, as well as Jared’s Jeweler’s, TWICE! I’m sure this sounds terrifying, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up shopping and visiting here all together. There are always security officers on duty to ensure the safety of everyone.


Outlet mall, Woodstock Georgia. Photo credits: me

Even though the Outlets have their fair share of crime, there are still many reasons to come here, the great restaurants, cool stores, friendly staff, and beautiful decorations, especially this time of year!  Looking for a job? Won’t be a problem here as many of the stores and restaurants are always hiring. This is the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta’s good sides, bad sides, and the criminal sides you should be aware of.

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