The Power of Powell

Staff Writer: Haley Roe-Deters

Everyone knows Coach Powell. He is physical education coach, wrestling coach, and weight training coach. Most everyone knows his famous motivational quotes, like the wrestling one, “We are going to scoop the competition out like cat poop and kitty litter.” However, he’s not just a fun, goofy coach. The wrestling season just began and I got the privilege to speak to a few of the wrestlers. Junior Tanner Townsend says “He pushes us to be our best, respects us, and mods us to be the best men we can be. He cares about us and the rest of the school.”

Wrestling practices practically everyday. I spoke with a senior Costa Zachos and he made an excellent point. “Powell is affiliated with us in some way day in and day out hours on end.” I asked Costa Zachos about Coach Powell adjusts every year to new wrestlers, “He’s very versatile coach and can appeal to each wrestlers individual level and help teach knowledge for all levels.”

Powell has the ability to change his technique based on his students. That doesn’t only apply to wrestlers, he has a certain pull with the students. Freshmen Chloe Ohara and Ivy Mustari says, “Coach Powell is a good coach, who cares bout his students, and is involved with his school.” Despite his playful attitude and jokes. Mike Powell is a well-respected and good coach.


Zach Shareef winning state, hugging father, Coach Shareef and Coach Powell in the background.



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