Time Travel Back to the 90’s?

Section editor and Author: Daniela Salame

Homecoming week… some say it’s the best week of the year. Everyone dresses up, uses their creativity to come up with the best possible outfit for the theme of that day. This week, we had character day on Monday (it was Halloween), twin day on Tuesday, jersey day on Wednesday, back to the 90’s on Thursday, and spirit day on Friday.

I asked around the school, and the fan favorite was 90’s day for the girls, where people rocked jean skirts and jackets, MTV shirts, baggy jeans, and colorful jackets. For boys,  jersey day. This was a time they can represent their favorite team all day. Emily Sloan said, “Homecoming week is fun because we get to be silly for a week and no one will say anything about it.”

Many were excited to wear something they usually don’t and it wouldn’t be anything awful. On Friday, the homecoming game, they crowned homecoming king and queen; Imani Lusega and Kobe Overton, two best friends. Although Monday through Friday was memorable, Saturday was when everyone dressed up to come to the Homecoming dance. Its’ something everyone gets together to go to.

SGA did an amazing job at decorating the cafeteria for the 90’s themed night. Everyone danced all night while the DJ played throwback music that only 90’s kids would understand. Even the people who didn’t go to the dance still found a lot to look forward to during the chilly evening.

“SGA put in so much work to make the night go as smoothly as possible, and I’m so glad we succeeded!” Kayla Mann, sophomore class president explained how long they had planned the dance, all worth it in the end to travel back in time to the 90’s.



Photo credits to Sofia Tunon


Photo credits to Emily Boswell

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