My Stance on Dance


Not exactly the kind of dance class we are looking for, but it’s more than we currently have. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Staff Writer: Saony Taveras


Dance is a way to express your emotions, and to be free. Woodstock High School, however, does not have a opportunity to let their students do that.

When I first moved here I was actually looking forward to join one just to find out we don’t. Even Etowah has dance! It seems I am not the only one that thinks we should have dance.

Sophomore Paula Flotz says, “It would be fun to have a dance class or team and people like to dance. I would join the class if we had one.”

Sophomore Smerlyn Peralta had this to say, “I would like to have dance. It’d be fun, and I would join it.”

It’s time to step up Woodstock!

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